Табличка сравнения женственных и мужественных качеств Спока и Кирка. По ссылке. В свете фиков оч. забавно читать. Лист хороший такой, видно что слешеры писали. Various masculine and feminine qualities of Kirk and Spock -link

Отрывок про Кью и Пикарда оттуда же, из документа по ссылке. Цитата от П. Стюарта даже, оч. мило.
Another favorite with fans is the Picard/Q slash fiction and plotlines. Even Patrick Stewart, the actor who plays Picard, admits the sexual tension between him and Q on the show. "Some people have thought Q was gay. I did. Again, I would say this way an impression given you entirely by the quality of the performances rather than by anything that was deliberately placed in the sсript. [Laughs.] John [de Lance], whose work as brilliant on the show, had a kind of boldness about him, a way of looking at Picard that was provocative. And yes, there was the scene in the bed—although we didn’t make that up. That was written, so we’ve got to commend the writers for that" (Advocate, 72-73).
There are also a number of incidents where Q seems to be making sexually charged remarks to Picard. In “Qpid,” he shows up in Picard’s bedroom, lifts up the covers, and says, “Sleeping alone?” He says that if he had known Picard was so vulnerable to love, he would have appeared as a female. In “Tapestry,” Q shows up after Picard had made love the night before and greets him with “Morning, darling.”
Stein quotes Constance Penley as stating that “there was an erotic homosexual subtext there, or at least one that could easily be made to be there.” Q uses vocal inflections and speech mannerisms that are seen by most people to be gay in nature. Q as an intelligent superbeing presumably is genderless, or beyond our limited understanding of gender, yet he has chosen to appear as male. There is also a subtle S+M subtext that some have read into the Q episodes. (Stein)

Выкладки на тему неоспоримого контекста канона смешные. Хотя сама люблю отлавливать намеки. Но не стала бы писать, что на некой минуте взгляд героя точно показал высокие чувства к другому герою. А тут явная отсылка к античным традициям ученика и учителя. А друг кузена актера был гомосексуалом. И НЦ не включили только из-за консервативных сухарей рекламодателей. Это не к этому тексту, а к нескольким обоснуям пейринга, которые я читала. Думаю, от серии к серии сам канон не совсем каноничен, характеры героев бывают ООС, и серьезный анализ сериала затруднителен. :D

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