Не надо мне больше пить крепкий чай, я и уже ржу над такой чепухой. :lol:

:right: Илэр... :-D

- Замечательно, - сказал Спок, отдавшись таким размышлениям, о которых Кирк даже догадываться не мог, - но это не решает нашей проблемы.

Переводчики ухватили главную идею. ))

:right: * Jenny Cooney Carillo of TV Week (Australia) asked the cast of House what they'd like to see their character do. Hugh responded, "I'd like to disappear so we could spend the whole episode with everybody asking 'Where's House"
* Hugh Laurie has told interviewers he doesn't watch House and can talk about the show only in terms of the sсripts he reads.
* Hugh's son Charlie calls him padre (father in Spanish).
* I don't talk like House, or walk like him. I certainly don't think like him. I don't like to think for more than 15 minutes at a stretch actually; I am a fragile flower.
* (from his acceptance speech at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards) I'd like to thank Robert Sean Leonard. I can't remember why. He did give me a reason.
* (from his 2007 Golden Globe Awards acceptance speech) I must thank my wonderful fellow actors on House and thank my wonderful writers and producers and the truly wonderful crew. I know everyone says they have a wonderful crew, but that can't be the case. They can't all be wonderful. Somebody somewhere is working with a crew of drunken thieves. But it's not me. They are really wonderful collection of people, and I am privileged to spend my days in their company and the smell of newly mown grass. :-D
* Being House is like flying, too. You're free of the gravity of what people think. Not caring, paradoxically, is likable. You get to see how the hero's ends justify his means.
* A cautionary note to the reader: In print, Laurie's words sound darker, more depressed, more self-pitying than they do in person. So imagine, in these passages, not the negative monotone of House but, instead, a voice with a charming British accent, a loopy smile, a self-deprecating sense of humor and a neurotic tendency to overthink everything.]
*(What is it about life that baffles you?) Absolutely everything. I'm just constantly surprised by the way people behave, the things people say. I so rarely see it coming. And I'm so envious of people who do.

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