British Brevity про то, что английские сериалы короче американских, и почему.

Sherlock's first three series each consist of three 90-minute episodes. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss comment on this trope on the Series 2 DVD commentary, stating that they would love to do more a season, but the time and logistical constraints involved in filming a series of feature-length productions in a relatively short span prevent this [...]

The Prisoner was originally planned as 7 episodes, but extended to 17 at the request of Lew Grade to make the series more attractive to overseas (i.e. American) markets. Star Patrick McGoohan just couldn't see it stretching to a full 26.

The American producers of Law & Order: UK were frustrated by the length they had to work with: only 13 episodes per season. The UK producers were also frustrated by the length they had to work with: a grueling 13 whole episodes per season! This went even further— when it came time for the episodes to air, knowing that British viewers wouldn't be keen on a long season either, they were split into series that were either 6 or 7 episodes long, for a total of 54 episodes across the first eight series from 2009-14.

Poirot and Marple, both shows on ITV loosely based on Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, have a special kind of British Brevity, with the former consisting of 70 episodes in all thirteen seasons, over the course of nearly 25 years; [...]

The Thin Blue Line: Only two series of 7 episodes each were made. ;_; соль на рану

Life On Mars wound up its plot after two seasons of eight episodes each. Its follow-on series Ashes to Ashes mustered three seasons, or twenty-four episodes total: about the same as one US season. The whole lot together made forty episodes in five years.

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